What life have you been till now?

As i have seen many people just live through their lives unnoticed what they have achieved or gained throughout. But some people do look back sometimes of what they had and what they have at present. Majorly people look out for

  1. The accomplishments they achieved and rejoice over it and keep moving forward
  2. The people they have met and the people they are in contact with
  3. The childhood memories they remember
  4. The fun and pranks with the friends
  5. The adventurous trips
  6. The college days
  7. The girlfriends tantrums and love
  8. The parents beating during schooldays
  9. The so called out-dated items they used to play with
  10. The stupids dreams they wished for while young

Instead looking back, if people start to look ahead the life would be much successful and brighter. Which also makes good memories too.




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